The Wall

The Wall 1.3

An original strategy / puzzle game! Construct walls!

Try to group same kind of bricks and make walls. Then the left meter will fill up and you will get 'dynamite'. The 'dynamite' demolishes lots of the same bricks.

You must empty the screen to credit your time. See which brick is next and place it on a blank spot.


While building you will notice 2 meters filling up at the bottom left and bottom right of the screen.

If the left meter full ups you get ‘dynamite’. Click on it to use it. If the right meter full ups get a spatula. Click on it to use it. If you run out of time or if the screen is full of bricks then you lose.

Also if same bricks make more than 2 horizontal lines, they get demolished.

Gaming modes

  • EASY GAME: You play against time only

  • HARD GAME: You play against time & the whistle

  • ARCADE: Your goal is to demolish 20 different walls

Game control

Stylus & Zodiacs Hard Keys.

When one of the meters are filled you get an ‘extra’. It is stored in one of the 3 spots. You can use it only if you click on it. You can store up to 3 ‘extras’, then no extras are given.

The Wall


The Wall 1.3